Our Mission

The Vica3 team is committed to developing innovative solutions to enhance the energy efficiency and resilience of homes, while maintaining compliance with industry-standard building practices.

Jon Pues

President of ViCa3 and EcoSmart™ Inventor

Responsible for day-to-day Operations

Sales and Finance

Reid Hanson

Vice President, CTO

Responsible for Investor Relations

Corporate Communication

Expertise in Software and Process Engineering

EMP certificate from MIT


Jose Jimenez

General Counsel and Secretary

Responsible for general & patent legal matters

Juris Doctor – John Marshall Law School

MBA – Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management

BSEE – Northwestern University

About EcoSmart

When I first came up with the idea of the E-stud it was just about improving the insulation value of the exterior stud which has always been known to be a week point in the insulation envelope. But then we started making lists of all the benefits and realized there was so much more to the stud. Who knew that by removing a little wood from a stud so many good things could be accomplished.

The EcoSmart Stud team is all about building homes smart and efficient while working within standard building practices so that your home builder doesn’t have to relearn how to build a home and thus making it cost effective for the mass market.

EcoSmart ™ is a trademark of ViCa3.