Cost Benefits


The EcoSmart Stud weighs less than a solid 2×6 so it’s easier to move around the construction site by the framers. Plus it’s predrilled for the electrician to run wires!


When closed cell spray is used in the wall assembly the foam seals the cavity which means no air flow through gaps in the sheathing.  It also gives the EcoSmart Stud the highest potential insulation value.


The lighter weight of the EcoSmart stud means less fuel used in shipping.  Less fuel used means less CO2 going into the atmosphere.  The wood pulp removed from milling the EcoSmart stud becomes other products lowering the pressure on forests. 

Contractor Benefits

With no major changes in construction techniques the EcoSmart Stud gives the contractor a simple way to provide a better stronger home that uses less energy at a lower cost with fewer chances of expensive call backs when something is done wrong. The EcoSmart stud is designed as a simple cost effective solution.

Homeowner Benefits

A stronger home that saves you money on your energy bills and helps the environment at the same time at a very low cost to other options.

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